To all physicists - Lord Gorgon challenges you

Hi fellow physicists,

As you all noticed uniformization of the builds is hiting us, everybody runs the same weapon set up… Boredom incarnated in mercy, nightfall, spartan builds.

So i decided to build a special mech. Unique stuff.

The challenge is as following: highest possible single shot output damage (physical weapon).

Show me high outputs guys. Want to see 500s, 600s.

I am personally targeting 700dmg with mercy; here is my tool.

@El_Metre mate, mind you pulling the calculator and provide some theoriticall values here (youll get your meter of course)


I will fight u

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Physicists only meng

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First post off topic :joy::joy:

You know I could’ve just built up to 3k hp and let you bring my res to -99 for that 700 dmg shot lmfao

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Has to be legit
20 legits

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i’ll fight u



in theory :slight_smile:
1st round : greedy … -10.
2nd round : furies…-46 - 10 = -56
3rd round : furies … - 46 -10 = -56.
If enemy over 2800 hp at start:
4th round : bloods… - 40 - 10 = -50
total res drain - 122- - 172.
4th/5th round : hook and gun, hope for the best : 528(roll on mercy) + 172 = 700/650(if only 4th round)
chances of actualy pulling this… don’t think you live thruout the 4th round if against dual spartans, even with that protector.


4 flat hp + resi it’s pretty solid it’s the most important base

very few players have that


I can mount it on claw, pulling a 3150hp with brut and 94res.
If i take it second in arena there is also the 5% addition there



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whatever you do… don’t take ot out against an energy…or you will be takeing it badly :banana:… biting the :pill:ow


This thing never saw an energy and never will… its the module base of my anti phys, ok vs heat.
Ps: there is just a very few dual spartan remaining…

Wait for the physical version Flaming / Lightning Scope.
Together with the 20% arena bonus on physical damage that one shot on its own should be able to break 1k damage then.


Would Void Scope sound good :upside_down_face:


I would like it to be called:
Antimatter Scope



Physical scope is a good.

I mean, come on. Flaming Scope, Lightning Scope.
So phys version will be named Physical Scope lol

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With all due respect Gorgon, it seems like a good attempt to help people build.

But keep in mind that 99.9% of players don´t have 4 mythical HP plates.

It would be good, therefore, to think of some construction with epic HP plates, which is what most have. That construction with Rolling and without the myth plates is relatively easy to eat.

Platinum is a problem for most players. When someone who doesn´t have it, wants to go up a bit … zas! A player appears who charges 3 or 4 of these and sends him to the bottom again. Many would like to remove The Claw from their phys, but if you do, it condemns them to always stay in the dark.

That’s why The Claw’s nerf was the most unfair thing that could be done here, and only a very selfish egoist could have agreed with this barbarian nerfeo.


Guys, you’re going off topic. Please stay on topic.

(three replies isn’t usually off topic but idk I would rather see more talk about the topic rather than a phys scope). c:

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Hi wep, i know that already.
Topic here isnt the build (i myself always try stuffs tho), its about maximum damage output…