Titan Tickets - earn extra tickets


wow… cool. i really need more tickets! thank you so much. yay .lol

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I can not anymore, lack fun of the game

always forced into the shadows

i would like deleted titan


a xp portal would be nice instead of this

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yes i need that right now

Other game developers/companies : Give people good and lovely events to keep them staying inside

TictacSoft : Giving lame events like this to further cause people boredom to encourage outdoor venturing


i think ,titan it’s a trap for pro players or adult

it allows tired and easily manipulated players

idea silverbox was very strong


I would prefer a ticket to the sea.

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I bet around half the players do give 2 craps about the titan…its time to delete it and move on imho

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if you (TS) read forums everyday, you should know that most of us dont like events like this one… dont you think on remodeling some parts of the game?(event calendary, daily rewards, titan shop, and many more)

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yes totally agree. no one wants 50% more titan tickets or 50%more exp or gold for arena on the last day of the league. we need new ones. there is so many better ones that could be out.

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the only way i accept 50%gold is in 1v1 season, else is just NO

I know this event is over but really boring from these repetitive events. why do not put portals or create new events, because the titans are also very boring, the truth that sometimes you want to eliminate the game. The only thing you can do is go to a campaign, play the turns you have and after that there is nothing more fun.