Titan rewards vs effort [injustice]


The bonuses should be commensurate with the individual effort of each player.

Who does not do anything, it does not deserve anything.

Those who put more effort, the better they will be rewarded.


Important things first

i won t waste fuel ( which got cut in 2 last year,if you remember) for getting some purple roubles

take a look at the shop and you will find out why people don t give a damn about titan xD
it s useless,i mean,some gold(which most players don t need at all) and 35 purple coins?
For those purple roubles i have to give up on let s say 10 runs on bb,where i can also find fortunes

You know that there is a limit,you can do as many thickets you like,after you hit the limit those won t count,why? so that everyone could have a chance to get some purple roubles

just give up,you are wasting your fuel and time for nothing,oh wait,you would be able to buy a pack in 3 months,which will be full with epics


Hell yeah Epics


520 of tickets is not very helpful and


The rewards are based on effort.
But there is a max limit to the reward when reaching a certain amount of effort.
The titan is supposed to be unlocked and fought by the whole guild.
So the max reward for tickets will be reached at a time that the titan is about to be unlocked if ALL 24 members were to get that amount of tickets.
You simply did the whole work on your own because your guild obviously is not that interested in the titan.


Star 7 Titan gives you a maximum of 84 clan coins for collecting tickets. You hit the max at 310 tickets collected…any more than that and you won’t be increasing your clan coin amount