Titan Raffle Winners :-)



  1. Be in a clan

  2. If not already, have your clan defeat the Titans when they come around until you get yours up to a star level that requires tickets to fight.

  3. Do side missions in campaign to get tickets.


Is this forum gone - why cant i post a NEW TOPIC? Like What IS the RELIC CONVERSION KIT DO that I won for 50 Arena Battle Wins - does anyone have INFO? Please & Thank You


Three days later and no tokens, no answers or responses here nor in pm :angry:


Can you show us your Player ID please ?



Seems good…:smile_cat:

Did you made a topic in #supermechs:Bugs-Issues and possibly tag @Sarah247 and @SilverBox in it ?

Sometimes it works…


no, i did send sarah messages but i could try this. thank you. :slight_smile:


No problem ^^

Do you know the bug there was on Spartan Carnage ?
When you couldn’t myth it…
It was talked about for monthes…
And “officially”, it was looked into and solved only once a thread about was posted in Bugs&Issues, so…^^

^^^^^^^^exemple why you should post a thread in bug and issues when you have a problem^^^^^^^^


lol i see :grin:, well we’ll see what happens now :slight_smile:


ok, ive only defeated a titan twice, i will try! :smile:


someone in my clan screwed me over, i was 10 away and was about to farm, then they did it and Laughed in chat, i dont think i got it