Titan Raffle Winners :-)


Not to be a technical schmuck or anything, but ‘rewarded’ is correct in this case.

Hard work is ‘rewarded’. Grinding those side misssions is painfully hard work. Just not everybody got rewarded for it.


yo me ise unos 376 pero no gane el mio es 25830256


what? :sweat_smile: plz say it on english



Its a raffle, not hard work.


I was about 376 but I did not win mine is 25830256

I translated it into English in the translator of google


because its only luck, and count only 50 tickets


osea que tenia que hacer solo 50 no mas ni menos?


Thank you for your quick results @Sarah247


When do we get our tokens :smiley: ?


Your Player ID was in the first post ?


yes :slight_smile:
(twenty chars)


Probably in the day (UTC time/devs’ time)…^^

I think it would be a box in Unclaim with a special name ^^


I see, well looking forward to it ! :smiley:




of course never me never me i never win these things


Still no new tokens :frowning:
and still no answers…


Hey Taco, have you received your tokens yet?




ok i still haven’t got mine :frowning:
I’ve sent @Sarah247 2 messages but no response…


I don’t even know how to get titan tickets. :neutral_face: