Titan damage doesn't register

Still no solution @Mohadib ?



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no solution yet, Mech :frowning:

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In my clan it has happened to a few this week.

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Cancel the bonus titanium damage arena bonus and return or not return the arena Coin! Those who did not download this parameter do not receive this error!

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I have arena titan to max (10 %) and I havent this bug…!!!

It isnt Arena titan…!!!

I will repeat in this thread just like you :slight_smile:
and I have a second account, on it I did not download the damage on titan and I never received this error!
and I did not get this error on the main account until I’ve pumped this arena bonus. I thought they fixed the bug, because at that time a lot of time had passed and the clan did not talk about this error. It turned out nothing fixed!

direct dependency!

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do you want an experiment? I will upgrade the bonus on the second account and will report this error to you personally(over and over and over again :grin:) until this is fixed)))

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As I said on the other post, maybe Arena is producing you something. I havent a bug and I have Arena, so Arena doesn´t affect me.

Maybe it’s the use of a weapon. Some code that makes short circuit with another … I dont know.

Here is the answer why you have no bug!

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Play to win the achievements?

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2 times today. All this does is makes me want to play less and spend less @Michael .

It seems this issue happens now MORE OFTEN …

  • we never had so much cases in our Clan as this week

One player had 5 (:exclamation:) times 0 damage from 6 battles :exclamation:

Mr. @Berserk40000 please remember the developers, this need to be fixed, it let grow a lot of anger :exclamation:


did he restart the game after the bug?
I somehow restarted 2 times after bug and got all fights 0 damage. now I do not restart the game and after the error I immediately after the error I start the second battle = error only in 1 battle.

this week got only 1 fight with an error. the very first fight.

Just got another zero damage on Titan. FIX IT! What is Tacticsoft waiting for? How could this be so difficult to fix?

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Just happened again. Thats two days in a row.

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Dear, your hands grow from what place?
3 months (!!) can not solve the problem.
Already, even the baby understands why it happens…

3 turns on Titan but only 1 registered damage. :clap::roll_eyes: