Titan damage doesn't register


Hi, I’ve been having issues with the titan. My damage doesn’t count though I’ve attacked it.
Tried ytd and today. Wondering if anyone else has a similar issue?

@Smirk , @Berserk40000 Please help!

Update: just tried again, and the damage registered for one battle, but not the second one :frowning:


I just had the same experience . No damage registered in my best round against it .

@_DANIEL_HD had the same trouble last week . Please advise @Berserk40000 @Smirk .

Thank you ~



How unfair :frowning:


Same for me after several tries. My first attack recorded but no others after it, all coming up 0 damage.


My damage doesn’t count after the changes in the mech (is usually round 2)


Today again :frowning:
Please help

@Smirk @Berserk40000 @Mohadib


Wanna see a joke?
I get 0 damage and my teammate gets 267K damage


Who is this op player


Same here mates


Hey, folks, as I said, we are investigating the issue :slight_smile:


This issue has happened to me many times, especially in the past fortnight. It’s incredibly frustrating.


Count me in. Today all 3 runs - zero damage ((((


So many titans / weeks later, and its still the same sigh


Just wanting to add my name to the list of players experiencing the Titan bug

  • 1st 2 attacks, damage registered
  • 3rd attack showed up as 0 damage


Yea, I quit fighting the Titans all together untill TS finally fixes this issue as it is annoying as hell…


I’ve been silent for a long time, but I’m sick of Tacticsoft’s inability. They want video from battle with titan, where this bug is… but why???

  1. They can trace the source code at this time. I told him exact time when this bug occured.
  2. They can seek my account and they can see my titan battle than classic battle replays.
  3. They know very well that have a bug, but they do not know why and just try new updates…
  4. They close their eyes before I harm not only myself but the whole clan that can not kill the titan, that’s unacceptable.

In the programmer´s speech have a name… LAMMERS

Time: 11:08

Time: 11:10

Time: 11:12

1st and 3rd battle not counted. Yesterday 2 battle not counted too.

I’m asking Tacticsoft to add 7800x4 = 31200 titan damage!!!


Still happening, twice today


It happened to me again today also. First turn. Previously it occurred on the second turn. But on the bright side we will probably get another pad update! :joy::man_facepalming::grin:



So lame

1st turn registered but last 2 didn’t

So frustrating… trying to help team with Titan but only registered 1 round of damage


2 attacks in a row …