Tips on mything a mech

Upgrading a mech to full mythical is very time consuming. Sometimes, I even make mistakes here and there.

Mything an item is also expensive (5 legendaries required), and all I have is a bunch of rare and commons.

So, I need your tips on making early preparations for upgrading an item to mythical.

Thanks. Sorry if my english isn’t very well.

I generally farm epics before farming for (common,rare)items to transform these epic to legendaries =>myth food.
I never use these set of epics for fusing.Only for transforming other epics.You can say I ‘‘stack’’ them and use 'em all up in one go.
Also,I keep farming until I have enough items to completely fuse 1 epic before I stop/fuse anything else.Following this tactic,I will be able to fuse at least 1 epic at the end of the day (the rest of the day I’d farm).
Like this,I have a better focus on what you need to upgrade and a better idea of when you’ll make it.
Maybe try this?

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Ok, I was able to make 5 legendaries in 1 day and make 500k gold with this tactic
Im going to assume that you can complete some of the missions im saying. If not, tell me, ill give you some other missions.
So, farm mission six of the overlords den on hard mode untill you have 300k-500k gold. No need for refills, because usually you will level up before you run out of fuel, thus giving you a refill
Then, once you have that gold, I usually farm ramboy all the way through my fuel twice a day.
Once you do that, you should have enough materials to make at least 1 or 2 legendaries, and 3 if you get some epics in silver boxes
Also, make sure that you myth items that you have researched on and that you know will be worth for your final mech build.
Hope this helps