Tips on Farming Ramboy

So apparently people get a lot of legendaries from farming Ramboy. What are the chances of getting a fortune box, and a legendary out of said fortune box? Also, should I do normal, hard, or insane?

its better if you do insane

and i am not sure what the chances are

Alright, then, I’ll start farming right now. How long does it take you to get a legendary, usually? Like, how many missions, and how long.

To get one from fortune boxes? Months.

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I get a forune box about every 10-15 goes. You get about 1 leg every 5 boxes.

Best to farm normal as there is not much difference in box drop rates, so less fuel consumption = more runs per refill

i did not know that the drop rates were the same
thanks for pointing that out.

I think it is , but it keeps changing, it’s better to switch between missions once in a while

you mean the drop rates change


never knew that either

see you learn new things every day

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Is this guaranteed? Because I just got 3 fortune boxes in 15 runs, and out of all those fortunes I got only rares, not even a single epic.

no it is not a guaranteed legendary but it is possible to get a legendary

It is one of the easiest ways to get a legendary without paying real money

Its because everything works on % s . 5% chance of legendary means u most probably wil have 5 legendaries out of 100 boxes

5% is not the real drop rate - just an example

i see what you mean now

So legendary drops are around ~20%?

What ! No !

No one knows actual % but might be between 10-12% I’m not sure

I’m pretty sure it is less than 1% chance to get legendary from a fortune box. At least from my personal experience, I have gotten hundreds and thus far 1 legendary.

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I have gotten 4 legendaries from ramboy in the last 20 days. If you consistently farm normal, I think that it is relatively easy to get a lot.

big boy normal i have 1 legendre, i think it’s better with premium day, chance increase %