Tips for beating BigBoy


I need tips for beating BigBoy!!!


Keep close to him…

Grenade launcher will put you in him top weapon’s range, which do HUGE damage…
Him drone is pretty strong too…


Here you go:


You’lll not need elec resistanceon your mech

BigBoy=> phys type
Minions=> heat type (with 25 expl resistance in normal, pretty resistant to heat build…)

Use an high direct damage drone that you’ll use in the first turn against him, NO MATTER WHAT YOUR WEAPONS ARE

(I heard his cooling is bad, never tried personnaly…)
(he have low resistance too…)

And fight him before his minions, but after taking the boosts on the map
I think it’s all for me ^^


my drone is a legendary Hurlbat drone, it’s one of the top 5 strongest physical drones in the game


Overheating him is probably the easiest way. He’s hardest physical vs physical.

Stay close and use the ad option for 20% more HP.


3 doses of corrupt light is enough to shutdown bigboy.


Do you have annihilation? if so stay close and buttfuck him


Which are the other 4 ones ?


Isn’t there only 4 phy drones that can go upto. Legend? :smile:


Use energy drain or heat he has terrible cooldown and energy


what about the epic Corrupt Light


yes I have Annihilation.


Then do as I suggested, this is my mech

The miniguns are Annhilation


You should try and get The nightfall


I just got the legendary Annhilation!


No, I have Nightfall, I just let it collect dust in my inventory


It’s a good gun, so good I have two


it is advisable to fight with big boy with weapons type heat is not necessary to have a weapon category mythic to beat it with a legendary is enough that if you have two of the same weapon in legendary also read my summary of mech is necessary to be able to saw in front of big boy


whats that torso PyroBlitz?