Tips for a hybrid heater

I require tips for a hybrid heater.

By that, I didn’t mean a smurf. I meant a heat mech that is half-boiler-and-half-damage-type.

Thank you in advance.

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Just use some energy mech.

Am i hybrid heater? I dunno.

@Eneginner @TechnoDive run dmg/boilers. I’d suggest asking them for some tips/mech builds.

oh shit Metre’s here, I’ll let him take it from here O:

do you have redocking, or abomination, teroorblade, heronmark?

But I assume an f2p build is possible.

I do have all the f2p heat items however (Corrupt Light, Deso, SC, VR, etc etc…)

a hybrid heater with heating a hybrid heat smurf that boiling over to heating mechs
It’s name

Running a heater without any good close range weapon is… well, missing the point. But if you really want, I got something already on my mind. Do you have anything that can be somewhat useful? Like: murmur, flaming hook, heat storages, resists?

Not a lot you can do without recko/abo.

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I’d say my build, but it’s covered in p2w items

The most iconic F2P heater consists of the following:


It’s mainly damage, but then has the option to heat the opponent up more with CL.

If that’s outdated, just use any combination of Heat Bomb and Corrupt Light (Deso as top, Savagery as top with Repulser, etc.)

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Imma try that one out…

How’s this though?:
47 PM

the ‘‘no kb’’ part is bad

Lend me a recko and abo, then I’ll handle it.

While you’re at it, chuck me 2 claws too

You don’t necessarily need kb if you have 2 weapons that work at ranges 1-2.

The Crimson Rapture and Heat Bomb combo should deter most physicals.

My heat is failing hard…

Might change to Damage build

The best damage heater ever.

don’t @me

obviously it’s not the best but I love it lmfao

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Ill shred it >:v

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Either this

Or this


can can can can can can I love your post?

such beautiful heaters


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