Tips at the bottom of the Arena search

What do they mean with this one?

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If I’m not mistaken they mean the heat, energy and health pick ups.

Since more heat/cooling can save you from shutdowns/overheat. Same for Energy, and HP can really turn a tide (obviously.)


Ohhhhh, in campaign…

Well isn’t that such a great tip when it appears in the arena.

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Well, notice how it says mission base? there’s none of them in pvp. Although going by my logic, you could probably count those packs near the towers in campaign “bases”.


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I did not know that… Is that why if you use valiant sniper against someone already energy broken, you get like 350+ damage?

Because of the additional 189 damage?

Yep, if I’m not mistaken, that energy drain is counted on top of the normal damage (so whatever VS’s max dmg is + 189).

It’s like this for every energy mechs. A bit unfair imo but eh.

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Holy… I honestly didn’t know that.

These tips are actually teaching me something

I’m surprised you didn’t already know that. I learned it the hard way (IE getting destroyed and checking stats and making sense of them).

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I thought that all had to do with Resistance and what not

Nah, resistance, imo doesn’t really matter when it’s energy.

I noticed from watching my own fights and others against energy, that even with 30-60+ resist (or 81). The amount of drain + max dmg of an energy weapon will compensate for the lost damage because of resistance.

In short it basically ignores resistance, or at least looks like it does to me.

I know I’m not right, but energy just doesn’t care for resistance like phys/heat do. It’s strange to me.

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So do you know what 1 Resistance is in ratio to HP or does it work in a different way?

I don’t exactly know the math behind it. But I feel like energy works in a slightly different way.

Although I’m not who you’d want to ask in detail about that. Try some mods/top players about this. I feel like someone who plays energy, understands it better than a phys/heat player would. lol

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Hmm… I might try the maths myself but really, I can’t be bothered

Same here, I’ve long wanted to see the statistics behind how this game works (PVP fights wise). But eh, dunno where to start with it.

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