TIP on my heat mech-Top Side Weapon


Tht’s mech and weapon I use.
Hp is 1.3 as u see.
Energy is as it’s showed in SS.
I use nemo drone.

My max heat is 575 - 311 cooling.

What I would. Like to know by u, is:
Is better use supreme cannon(the one im already wearing) or should I change it with a Vandal Rage?

Yes, if I wear vandal rage i’ll be more OP.
But I think this is a setup for 1v1 mainly, cuz if I find a 2k Hp mech, even I perm set him in shoutdown mode it’s possible I don’t have enough weapons to end his/her 1st mech.

I’m LF a versatile mech mainly than a focused one.(with this build I can often kill 1st and half-hp second opponent meches, idk how it works with vandal rage instead the SC)

Ty for any suggestion

Yours ancy :kissing_heart:


Up to you, Supreme Cannon is a dmg heat weapon and vandal is a boiler weapon (not actually by itself but you know what I mean…).



SC is better due to. “2v2 background”

If it was 1v1 I would go VR ofc.

But i’m still curious know what u think, if my opinion is correct for most of u or not


u must using murmur as a drone
Edit : if you have a murmur


Firstly get something other than heat bomb to fire at range 2
Then u have really low hp so use
2 heat engines ,1cooling mass booster,2energy engines and 3 epic plates or 2 plates and maximum protector
U don’t need that much heat capacity for that build as ur not a mass heater


if i had i would use a murmur :S


Not sure to replace HB with anything else…

Anyway I can’t access game atm

My modules are
1 H mass
2 E mass
1 E engine
2 H engine
1 myth protector resistance


Maybe my regen(270) is too high for my energy(360)

But with it builded like this I’m sure valiant sniper energy users can’t fk me


I use 2 maxed VS (378 e-damage) thus they can mess with you, I do like your high heat as most use heat weapons.


tbh i’d use vandal if the fights werent 2v2
or if i had a mass heater

(like my prototype mech… needs heat bomb tho)

my prototype heater mech has
devouring paws/dynamite boots
2x vandal rage
abomination/magma blast
heat bomb
this thing would be somewhat good against 1 mech (logically one that has weak heat)
not meant to use against mass heaters or most heaters at all… more against energy and some phy (cause we still gotta worry about the hp)
well this mech could drain 92 cooling (184 counting shutdowns)
it would take 48 shields from the enemy
cause massive heat with heat bomb and CL combo
has abomination just for dps but also works as push
recommend teleport or heat hook (better the common teleport… less energy required)
this build could fight mass drainers due to heat bomb and VR… but not really

so item weight:
zark (362)
devouring paws (119)/dynamite boots (136)
2x vadal rage (82)
abomination (66)/magma blast (55)
heat bomb (50)
CL (51)

total weight using devouring paws and abomination (730)

total weight using dynamite boots and abomination (747)

total weight using devouring paws and magma blast (719)

total weight using dynamite boots and magma blast (736)


@Yeet mate, would you lend a hand to this dude? Yes you would


A little update

I just killed few Hs ago this 700 max heat mech

And lost by 1 hit vs this600 max heat mech

I’m not god heater but this mech works fine even my hp sucks


Maybe I can use VR instead supreme cannon & abomination instead magma blast


Gustav is more on the Overheating side, while Hvac is just a plain Damage Heater which literally just drains HP :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey! First of all, It think you may be using too many heat modules. You will want at least 2 hp plates.

For you, I recomend that you remove your corrupt light, and choose between deso and supreme cannon.

For the sides, you want a flaming hammer for sure. And a dawnblaze.

Those are my basic tips. I gtg now, so i can elaborate later.


VR can be good but only if you can easily heat up your enemy…
i made the build i was talking about earlier but a bit differently cause i dont have heat bomb or magma blast
(no items are max mythed)


Wow why are u saying I should remove CL?

I mean it deals 136 heat (on 20% arena sh*t).
It’s not best heat dealer item, but it still has high heat increase, isn’t it?


I maxed out a cl+savagery mass heater build. It worked at first. But God do I regret it. Until they buff these mass heater weapons, they simply cannot compete.


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Can you just fuqing stop reviving topics?