Time to do a quest - Are you in?

And you need to realize that not everyone want to spend hours farming just to finish some quest that give 100k gold which is basically nothing. It’s not the point in that. The point is that they said they will fix this but nothing changed. Raid and titan bugged for many weeks. Other companies would fix this in a less than a day.


its not called a problem its called normal smh


Ain’t you just the funniest man alive

Boxes that don’t count in increasing the quest completion bar.

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even if it is bots arnt hard to make (not supporting the idea is against rules)

if thats true f oh well

The boxes from farming DON’T COUNT AS ITEM BOXES.

If you have base, you can only get it from premium boxes and packs, and free mix boxes.

This is soo unfair…


Hmm… They still doing this… Hmm… They should had erased this one, by now. Well, It is just 100k gold. So, who cares. Now if it were tokens, I be nagging TS/SM team.

How fun. Waste away 7500 tokens for 100k gold. lol… I dare someone video record them doing this…

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Clever Name has entered the chat


The game is an old train without a pilot. And we all go on the train. And we will keep until it stops, or falls down a ravine, or someone comes to rescue us and puts us on another train.

Some have reached the stage of denial, and say that everything is fine. Like Pandora’s Box, the last thing that came out was teh hope… but his messages go nowhere.

It works automatically and it works poorly. The raid, the clan war, the titan and other things that we do not see, have errors. Former token hackers have returned, they are in front of your eyes, but people look away and whistle (who cares! Who cares what happens on a train that we don´t know where it´s going!).

Very occasionally, someone appears, just to see if it is still rolling. That’s all.


Dude just do ramboy over and over, and eventually you will get box items, and from arena. its that simple, like my mind :>

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they don’t count…

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He did say his mind was simple, so…

I agree with you on some points and not on something. For example, @Sarah247 is interested in making the game work. And I think devs are also interested in making it work. Unfortunately, Tacticsoft has tragically incompetent programmers who would not even make money on salt water in other software companies. Many things may not be easy to remove, but if I see that the RAID counter is not working correctly with many players already finding out how the bug works, then it is enough for the latest working version of the game and it’s OK. The same goes for clan wars, titan, etc.
It’s a bit alarming that sometimes tokens don’t come to players even if they pay, which means they can’t even properly implement data from third-party software such as PAYPAL. To be honest, I think the money from PAYPAL will come to the TS account, they just won’t come Tokens to your account … LOL Just a shame.
For example, I haven’t experienced a legacy period, but TS probably hasn’t yet understood why so many players have remained loyal to the game. Because by switching to the new version, legacy players have lost a lot. And thanks to TS for all players, the game becomes less playable every month due to bugs.
It seems that the absence of good programmers in TS will cause them to one day decide to draw a rough line again and create a new game and we will be new legacy players…:thinking:


all i have to say is FCK

I would but it would be a waste of my YT channel lmao


This amount is litterely 0.000000001% of a scratch to Clevernames Credit card.

I can declare this day as a non-event day.


It only records the Premium box/pack Or Free Items Box(Only This Two!!!!!)

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Yes we are aware, everyone is aware that TS is broken

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