Time for the Community To Shift


"Pls announce on forums were moving to irc"

We will be setting up an IRC server for the community. Alliances will be free to open their own channels and password protect for entry. Server admins will be Baz, Beso, Jaek, Kaen, and Fluffeh.

Comments, thoughts, suggestions?


IRC Server? Am I supposed to know what that is?


Time to bring back IRC to it’s Golden Age


Baz as in Bazinga ??
Its not 1st April , is it :expressionless:


He is an active participant in the community. Why can he not admin our new IRC server?


I oppose this.
We have been using Skype since of.
Why change now When we don’t need to.


But IRC is a classic, just think of the opportunities for alliance chats with bots!


Does IRC means International Rescue Committee


lol TheBurner is one of those

“back in my days we never had these fancy gadgets and thingamajiggers you youngwhippersnappers are fidget spinning, get outta my yard. darn kids”


No i just dont see a reason to move to IRC if skupe works fine
Why register.
Bots are not needed for BD. Skype is used to just coordinate Well,and share brs


I am not saying he dont deserve it or anything , its just when u say Baz as Admin , idk it just doesnt seem serious to me. Its like someone saying Jim carrey is gonna be the Jedi in next star wars film :smiley: .

Love Baz though , and Goodluck to Kean aswell.


nice to see how people react to this even though it’s in the spam section of the forum…


Oops, wrong section!

This is definitely serious!


I vote we ask AoL to get AIM back up and running.


Good idea! We could integrate it into this game!


No, we need MSN back tf you saying.


Malice, i seem to have misplaced my Blockbuster membership card…


Screw it. Let’s just make this as inconvenient as possible! We use smoke signals irl.


How is this inconvenient?

It’s cheap, long distance, requires no sharing of private information and not intimidating.


I see a smoke signal on my way Josh