Ticks were stoped

Hello, Ticks where stoped in the world I play (Fantasy 1tick/hour), why does this happens is it a kind of refreshing?

Ticks are stopped automatically when the server isn’t running reliably. This happens daily for the maintenance tick (about 7am GMT+0?) and can also happen due to other factors.

It used to be that ticks would still run when people don’t have access to BD. This is no longer the case as the tick will pause if people are unable to access the game. However the tick will try to run again 5 minutes past the tick if possible.

This stops the complaint that people planned to turn EoT but couldn’t due to BD being down. If the last 5 minutes of a tick BD is running then the tick will turn.

hey, thanks mr.Elcent, it says that Admin stoped ticks’s activity btw

When is the world going to be reset? there have been hours the ticks are stoped