Tick pause for 30 mins


I am playing G2 right now, and Every day exactly at 9:30 am (for me, i am in india) the timer gets stuck at 0:00

Im not the only one who has this problem


hey Merci, yes happens to me every day same time, quite annoying if you ask me


@Malicewolf, @Alexander, @Fluffeh, idk who else to tag but

I know what the intended purpose of bringing this tick stall into place because of the server maitenance and BD going down but I reckon its causing more problems than solutions. A friend of mine was aiming to trap about 20 enemy squads today and got screwed over by this tick pause. This will keep happening and people will just get more and more fed up with it.


Well it used to be that at that point in time with about 2 minutes left in the tick BD would go down entirely for maintenance and not pause. Whatever attack happens happens no turning no EoT nothing. This way is much better, as you do not lose squads if you forget about it, you just fail at killing them that chance.


The paused tick allows you to move. Therefore if you are attacking someone and ETA is 1 tick and that person didn’t move. Yet he checks it while the tick is paused and moves! Causes lots of anger to the paused ticks. If pausing it don’t allow moments.


Hey guys, thank you so much @princekael2 and @mann2001 for explaining this – you two are totally correct!

I’m working on a small change to make this experience a little better too.

In the end you should be allowed to move for a tick to turn – makes sense right? It sucks for sure if your attack is seen or something because the tick got paused – but theres always more attacks. But losing your army because you couldn’t move EOT?

The game would turn unplayable fast – and it did to some players.

I realize this isn’t perfect either – I can’t promise perfection, but I will do my best to make it a little better.

I think it’s improvement, though. And that’s what I aim for.


I understand the reason it was implemented, I just don’t see it as a decent fix because its just masked the old problems with new ones.

But all I asked was for someone to look into it, so thanks a lot :grinning:


I do, it´s the only way to have a standard way to make sure that ticks are handled fairly. I’ve seen first hand EOT attacks fall through because the server went out. This is way better, thank you Alex :slight_smile: I’d rather miss a battle than lose my army.


I agree with you…It is a lot better after the Update and The random server crashes have also reduced, so EOT moved doesnt get messed up…Also this tick pause happens at the same time every day, so we atleast know this is going to happen before hand

Thank you for looking into it anyways :slight_smile: Hope to see more updates and improvements


Okay seriously though I do think this needs to be fixed I just got my strategy ruined in M1 because of it. I had Anthrax locked and damaged on an OP, me and 2 other teammates were ETA 1 out, and because of the tick freeze he has just relocated onto the OP. He has shields too so I cannot kill his weak units.

The tick should’ve ended 35 minutes ago, and I should have got a kill for it. Now instead I have to wait for another opportunity to kill him through no fault of my own. See why this ‘fix’ is still a problem? I understand it’d take a while fixing it but all I ask is for it to be fixed - a game shouldn’t have a exploitation as big as this. It ruins it.


Maybe they should freeze the world for the 30 mins and prevent any movements…


Thanks Alex! I personally think it is just fine as is. As you said, there will always be more attacks. People are not perfect, they will fall for traps repeatedly. But you cannot unkill an army.


I dont completely agree with you, yes there are always more attacks, but Its kind of Depressing when you stay up whole night Just to trap a guy and he just Escapes last second because of this issue…


Yes that does suck. But imagine a world where you spent weeks making your army and lost it because the tick passed without you having a chance to move :wink:

I am willing to put down reds on the fact that you would be the first crying me a river. The fact is we CANNOT have a perfect world (maintenance has to happen or BD wont run at all), but this solution is better than is the alternative.


Ofc I’d be the first ‘crying a river’ if nobody does it then the problem doesn’t get fixed