Tick Pause (Battle Dawn)

Hello Dawners,

My sincere apologies for this situation. Unfortunately our servers are severely overloaded due to a combination of a problem in the system itself and the massive load caused by the featuring of our sister game, Super Mechs, by Apple and Google.

We hope to improve the situation very soon.

We’re temporarily pausing the ticks until we feel the server is decently playable.

We’ll re-evaluate the situation and make an announcement again 3 hours before we re-enable ticks.

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Thank you for your understanding!


it’s cool

works for me, means i get some sleep :smiley:

Sooooo is this announcement going to happen any time soon?

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For real, this is getting ridiculous. I understand that the company is based in Israel and it is currently night time there but that shouldn’t matter.

Some sort of time estimate would be nice

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@Alexander need a update on when the ticks will unfreeze

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We are currently keeping the game paused until the game runs smoothly enough that we feel it is a good idea to unfreeze. I know for me, it’s taking me about 10 minutes to log into the game, let alone do things ingame or refresh. We are continually checking in on the status of the servers and will announce in advance when we feel like it has become playable. I apologize for any inconvenience. We are saddened by this as well :cry:

I demand a compensation in some form ,be it resources or discounts.At this point anything will do.

Giving res for this would be saying, “Take down BD to get free res”


Yo I could care less about compensation I just want the ticks to start up again. Also, is there a risk of something like this happening again @Alexander?

Yeah but probably not very likely, (not 100% sure tho)

the issue here was that BD’s servers were already under attack (you all probably remember the downtime a few days ago) and now SM got featured, leading to an overload :sweat:

Battledawn NORMALLY has a maintenance tick every day tho, around 6 am my time (GMT +3)

Handing out resources for everyone on worlds would be a fair thing to do.
Give it time guys, the people in charge are doing their best to fix it and keep it stable.

Sorry guys, it’s being worked on.

We’re replacing some parts of our server, but it was already upgraded to the max and SoftLayer is having some problems with it.

Regardless it needs to happen if we are to have a stable game again, it’s unfortunately been pushed over the limit and we can no longer run it properly with the old.

Our server manager is working with them to resolve this situation.

Thanks guys.


im hoping we get inform like every 6 hours or less on what’s the progress.


The previous freeze ticks were becuase BD servers were attacked,but now its different atleast they can give us a 30/40% discount many of us spent alot of money for the new eras that are beginning and then the servers crash it wastes our time and money as well all of our schedule is gone.

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Whilst we do have understanding of the situation that BD have currently found itself in, I believe that its the uncertainty that is bothering us the most of it all. I, and I think the vast majority of the players would feel a tad relieved if we are given an estimated time. E.g. within the next 5 days, 2 weeks, a month etc, as being in limbo is an uncomfortable and unpleasant situation to be in, I think we need a number.
Thank you and we are grateful for the work you put in @Alexander.


It will be good if u tel us time estimate