Three Bad Things To Fix

I kinda like this new update except for three things, ALL of my mythicals are unusable and useless meaning i basically have to restart, I will never be able to get rid of my excess items meaning i won’t ever get new items (My second account has 716 items wtf!!!), and that gold is very hard to get. please fix this

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we all have those problems ;-;

btw grind a bit in the campaign, you will get around 50k per hour


You should change this topic to “Three Bad Things They’re Not Gonna Fix”


Must. Resist. Urge. (My account is level 3 (regular), so I can edit topic names for example…)

Wow , just wow tactisoft


It’s a shame what they’ve done to people. They thought of the money and their minds became clouded. The power of ambition. They don´t realize that are going to lose much more than intend to win.


I had 5k+ items what would ya say now