Thr life lesson Super Mechs taught me

  1. People are born unfair (born rich or poor) but enjoy your battle in spite of your league or what you are gifted

There are common item like food and internet

There are mythical item like company shares, patents, heritages from parents. But not everyone is lucky.

My advice is, if you are a middle class, just enjoy your battle as a middle class. Be grateful. Whatever happens for the super rich doesn’t matter to you. Because, you only need to battle with those having similar ability as yours - or those in the same rank.

That is why superMech never ask you to fight a rank 1 when you are rank 10. Because, comparing to others far away from your league is just pointless and not fun. Why do you have to compare yourself to Mark Zuckerburg or Albert Einstein? Just try to be the best of yoursrlf and and enjoy your life no matter you finally got into rank 5 or rank 20

  1. Spending money for a Lamoborghini or Gucci is just like spending money on shrinking -
    visual only

It is okay if you just want to have life for fun. But if you are aiming for rank 1. You should get mythical item like a degree, a research, which boosts your ability. So when you are tempted to buy the trendy basketball shoes, remind yourself it is just like a Christmas hat… Visual only :slight_smile:

  1. People with high energy capacity will succeed

Sometimes difficulty in life is not something that really “physical” or tangible like a bankrupt or accident. Sometimes it is the burden on you or the workload you have that stops you.

burden is like heat damage and workload is likeenergy damage.
Well, you can’t really stop them from attacking you, but you can always try to train yourself into someone with higher work and mental capacity. Great people, such as Elon Musk, have great “Cool down”, and geat “Enery Regen”.
As a human, we need two modules- belief and passion. They give you the capacity you need.

  1. And of course, there are people from rag to rich. Considering a player playing 24 hours, doing every mission and watching every ads. He can still earn himself some mythical and getting to the circle of the riches.

But the most important thing is enjoy the game even the game seems to be unfair :slight_smile:


Lol, I think you’re over-analyzing things.


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My advice, ask me how to get free tokens, at least 100 to 400 a day.

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Fantastic analysis xD

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this is not a supermech lesson,its a life lesson.anyways you got it here , so keep playing and you might get more lessons; just do not dedicate your life to supermechs or any other game; nor should you try to find similarities between supermechs and your life; you will end up taking ‘supermech’ decisions in your life


im middle class and still am a hefty spender.
Unless ur 13 and cant get a job theres no excuse :stuck_out_tongue:

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Then the life lesson that I learn is that it’s still not worth…

You can figure out the rest.


excellent advice, true and good.

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Bravos my friend.
A nice methafor for life using a game.
Those that dont get it…well best buy a Lambo.
Really liked the heat/energy regen/cooldown.


Excelent comparisons.

But as someone said here, be careful to take life as a SM game. In life things are not always so clear, they have nuances.

And in real life, Tax eat the richs !!