Thoughts on Heat Mechs Part 2

Heat is fine at the moment, no need to change anything about :exclamation:

Would be the same if Energy say we need a change :exclamation:
“We are so so so up”
Would be the same if Physical say we need a change :exclamation:
“We are so so so up”

Everybody can beat everybody at the moment … all well balanced :exclamation:


Just an ideea maybe look at a slight increase in heat dmg and slight increase in explosion dmg.
But maybe also look at the secondary things… hesmat cap dmg, and regen.
Since they are the same as befor Arena buff
Maybe alow them to get thay boost from arena shop also…
CL has 24 heat cap dmg… maybe allow it to benefit from the arena buffs also… like go for 29 heat cap dmg?..not quitw enough… but would be a step in right direction?

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Everybody, except boilers and energy… they cant beat anybody… cause EMP is trash now…thanks

Or you know stop being around the bush and give it the exact same numbers that energies drain.

exp: 189 drain? 189 heat.

100+ drain, 100+ heat before arena buffs. Idk why it wasn’t like this before.

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Could be … since in legacy they had the same stats… heat and energy…

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A whole game balance is NOT depending on one single weapon :exclamation:

Was never :exclamation:
Is not :exclamation:
Will never be :exclamation:

… if the developers do the right things :exclamation:

That is exactly the reason, why single OP weapons need and got a nerf … like SeraphBlade, EMP and the Claw :exclamation:

Why the developers brought them to the game way too OP is a different story :exclamation:


the seraph blade looks like that old mech item this one:

Meteor… in legendary… 4 knockback i think.

i also found a lot of other ones:10%20PM

All of these people are in our clan we just don’t want to kick them because they look really cool. and it shows you that people with old mechs still play the game even though now the items have crap damage.

As a heat mech user, I propose 2 things:

  1. Change grave diggers from physical to heat legs. 2 knockback isn’t useful for physicals while being very helpful for heaters, especially f2p. Relatively high damage, both heat (~70?) and explosive (~170-260?) and low health for balance.
  2. Add a new weapon. Remember old’n’good firewall? That weapon was awesome, and I think we need a supermechs reloaded counterpart. 2-4 range (fits perfectly legs mentioned above, terrorblade and whatever you can think of), moderate heat (~70, mayby 93 like CL but with no cap drain) and explosive damage (again, might be alike CL, perhaps with a bit smaller top damage…), either energy free or with low cost (energy free would have raither high heat generation, mayby like deso, or a bit lower). There is even already an awesome sprite of new firewall in Supermechs Sandbox.
    by Zarkares

Another thing I’d like to point out is how resistance works vs different damage types. While both physical and heat protectors I don’t take energy ones in to account as people raither stick more energy mods than go for resist have the same amount of resistance points, physical ones reduce damage by a far less % of total damage dealt than heat ones. I’m thinking about a small nerf to heat resist… Yet not sure about that, give me your opinions.

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thats a shockwave iirc

We are starting to get off-topic now. Lets stay to the point please.

because balance?



what is a shockwave iirc?

Mate, heating is barely a utility side component.
Imagine me saying:

“I dont understand, my dual bloodweep, dual desert fury, greedy build doesnt perform good. Phys drain needs a buff.”

Sounds ridiculous aint it?


shockwave was the name of the yellow blade you focused in on earlier in the legacy supermechs; iirc stands for “if i remember correctly”

let’s try to keep this thread from being derailed

just tack on some cooldown dmg (2-3 would be fine) on heatcap minimizer weapons and i think heats will be happy campers

“Well, I will stop saying things that have nothing to do with the topic to prove that I wrote it in Chinese, so no one can say that this is off topic because they do not know what I am talking about.”

Now we know what you are talking about XD


I gotta go to school, will provide detailed analysis in about 8 hours.

The heat obtained a little help with the weight reductions… a good step in the right direction but I do feel that true boilers are nearly extinct…
I’ve always tried to stay a boiler but cooling is now too high and the weapons heats the user too much too…

I can understand heat weapons doin less damage at the price of being able to
Heat enough to make a difference…

But yeah… heat type is puzzling because you have to find the balance between damage and heat produced…