Thoughts on Heat Mechs Part 2

Oh…silly me.

I’m not going to set anything in stone here, but I don’t think there is a problem at the moment. I think things can and will change in the next few weeks with the introduction of the hammer, decrease of heat weapon weight, nerf of EMP etc. I’m going to wait before I say a final word on mass heaters since things are in a state of flux and adaption takes some time.

I got kicked on a daily base by mass heaters. They aint underpowered, theyre are just difficult to maximyze and play.

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Try to be a bit more specific, please. What weapons are used on these builds?
Also keep in mind that just because you lose does not speak for everybody else. A better example would be appreciated.

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I just chose whatever I put my mouse on xd


I don’t think heaters have it as bad as people say, but they are vastly inferior to explo damage heats. I’m really sick of all the nerfing lately so I guess a little bit of a buff for heaters wont be the worst thing ever.

I’m torn between their problem being not enough heat damage or not enough explo damage on heating items. see my anti-heat physical often does get double overheated, but I sponge damage untill they run out of weapon uses, or simply cool and shoot one weapon untill they run out of hp first. so maybe the increase in explo damage is a counter intuitive but smart way to buff heaters.

I’m very worried that if they do get buffed it will go too far though. I cannot stress enough how modest a buff I would support.


Could you not?

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Me too. We dont need a repeat of the Seraph blade.


This can loose to a mass heater. I think it doesnt need further explanation.

If you are not going to contribute to the topic then just stop. When I meant more specific I meant what weapons do they have, are they completely specialized anti-phys, ect.

Heats are fine at the moment - no change needed :exclamation:


Please try to be a little more specific?
Also remember this thread is not talking about reckoning, magma, sc, or deso, only mass heaters.

well there aren’t any heat weapons specialized to be anti-phys since being anti-phys is just packing more hp.

phys could also be either anti-heat or anti-energy so i don’t really know what secondary effects you could put on a heat weapon to weaken physical mechs. maybe a cooldown dmg is the only way heat weapons could counter phys, but only a select few heat weapons have that thing, while all other mass heaters are just minimizing heat cap.

perhaps a 2-3 cooldown dmg to each weapon that also minimizes heat cap would do the trick (corrupt light, savagery, crimson rapture, etc)

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Thanks again for the detailed input :slight_smile:

2000hp, dual crimson, heat bomb, vr, sometimes heron mark… and one thing with some puch, lile deso, magma or supreme to deal the dmg

yeah that’s the thing: mass heat weapons must be paired with some dmg heat weapons to be deadly, which i see a bunch of people do and it works well, which is why i voted for no changes

but mass heaters by themselves are basically flaming pea shooters

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Thats the point though. Heat relies on like 3 weapons.
Also Dual crimsons are very rare.

However, thanks for the input, will keep this in mind.

That has no sinergy.
Grimsome is range 1-2, heron -1-2, but is dmg oriented(cause at 78 heat dmg).
Heatbomb is suicide…
Vr is range 5-6… does work with CL… but… there is nothinf to setup these at range 1-2.
Once the range gets undet 3… is goodnight for heaters.
Unless dual grimhole… but those are rare as platplat… even rarer… only Rovo has them.

Bravo Gropare

Oh sorry yall. Im in poland and barely remember my name atm.
Lack of precision is on me. @El_Metre, i didnt mean a build but just threw a bunch of weapons that can be deadly if used corectly.
Deadly build: dual grimhole, abomination, canon.

Deadly build? To whom.
2 grimholes… only rovo has …
Abomination… is damage.
Supreme cannon… is damage.
And they are all energy depwndant wepons…
A simple energy drone kills this build… cause it need high energy and high heat to function… but will lack hp… etc etc.
Plus they are all premium wepons…
Say hi to bananna Morde.
The truth is boilers are dead… maybe they can take on some low heat cap/cooldown phis or energy… but you said it well… cooldown and shot tactic kills them fast.
Heat needs love, 10-15% overall heat dmg. 10-15% explosion dmg on boiler wepons(CL, Grimhol, Terrorblade, Savagery… etc)

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