Thoughts on Heat Mechs Part 2

Around 3 weeks ago, I created a topic called “Thoughts on Heat mechs”. In the topic, I brought up what is wrong with heat mechs, in that they are falling behind the meta, quickly becoming the weakest type in the arena. I then put a poll about whether they should be buffed or not, in which about 2 thirds of the voters votted to buff, while the others voted against a buff.

When I asked for the opinions of those in favor of no buff, the main reasons were because damage heats are quite the contenders, in which a couple specific builds fit:
Rocket king, with reckoning, magmas, desolation, supreme cannon
Or A triple magma build with either reckoning, desolation, or supreme cannon.

These two builds are obviously very strong builds that need no buffing. However, what about the mass heaters? Sorrow, cl, savagery, swoop, vandal, nemo, and more. Based off the first topic I can conclude that nobody seems to think that mass heaters are fine as they are.

To note, heat just received a small weight reduction. Rocket weapons just received around a 4 weight decrease, so they are officially balanced and have no need for change.

So, for this topic, I will make a series of polls based off mass heaters and what should be done with them.

First off:

Should Mass Heater weapons and build types be buffed or stay the same?

  • Buff
  • Nothing

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Those who voted nothing should not participate in the next, coming polls.


Is the main problem for mass heaters that it is too easy for opponents to get high heat, that the weapons do not cause enough heat to the victim, the mass heating weapons do not do enough damage, or that they lack other, special stats, such as the one energy has with its bonus damage.

  • Opponents can have high heat too easily
  • Mass heat Weapons generate enough heat to the victim
  • Mass heat Weapons dont do enough damage
  • Lack of special stats

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  • The second option called “Mass heat weapons generate enough heat to the victim” should actually be “Mass heat weapons DO NOT generate enough heat to the victim.”

What would your top 3 best solutions to the Mass Heat problem?

  • Increase heat generated by mass heat weapons by a certain, balanced percentage.
  • Increase damage done by mass heat weapons by a certain, balanced percentage.
  • Decrease the amount of heat in all torsos by a certain, balanced percentage.
  • Decrease the amount of heat in all modules by a certain, balanced percentage.
  • Make heat modules heavier.
  • Add more shield drain to mass heat weapons.
  • Add more cap drain to mass heat weapons.
  • Add cooling damage to certain mass heat weapons.
  • Decrease the heat cost of mass heat weapons.
  • Add more, non-premium but useful items that consist of ranges 1-2 and 2-4.

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Thanks for participating in this topic. Depending on the results, I may contact Sarah, make a third part, or discontinue this theme.

Thank you.
Its a little sad that warning like that are necessary nowadays but they are.


heat bombs make heat mechs have a chance and sometimes vandal rage does the trick too

mass heater weapons when combined with damage heater weapons are deadly

but a purely mass heater build just doesnt work as well in most pvps

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@Ricemech88 voting nothing for the first option means that participating in any of the other polls is useless as you fell nothing should change about it.

eww sorry wrong click…

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Problem with those two is one is a suicide weapon while the other is range 4-5 and only good for a select few mechs. I will remember these points, however. Thanks for the input.

ive seen some great heat bomb builds that cause perpetual shutdown on subsequent turns for the opponent, but most use L-Ms

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and the only factor that make heat mech op is platinum plates…

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I believe Heat right now is underpowered but I only selected one option out of the 10, and that was for some non-premium but useful items that consist of ranges 1-2 and 2-4 (or alternatively, some easier access to the premium items)

What is more important, is that Phys damage is so, so high (especially with the arena buffs), that by the time Heat (and Energy) Overheat or Energy Break their opponent, their almost dead… a case of too little too late.

This is the core problem with Heat Mechs right now

I offer some solutions in another post.… it might be worthwhile adding some of those as options, or even an umbrella option of lowering Phys damage output

There are multiple ways to help restore balance though:

  • :one:Bringing back shields to help Heat and Energy to mitigate damage
  • :two:More push options to drive Phys out of close range
  • :three:Considering “Sweet Spot” Mechanics, where weapons have an optimal range (capable of 100% max damage) and less optimal range (only capable of 75% max damage)
  • This would also encourage movement again (moving in and out of optimum weapon ranges for max damage/preventing max damage)
  • :four:Some general help to get the right weapons into player’s hands (eg. the right type of Legendaries for Heat Mechs)
  • :five:giving more opportunity for higher HP Heat and Energy Mechs

All good points but the problem with lowering phys damage is the outcry that would follow would most likely reverse the update so I left that off.

A mistake in the second poll: I meant to say Mass heat weapons DONT generate enough heat to the victim.

@bestplayerintheworld keep in mind voting that nothing should be done means that you should not vote on the next polls as the polls following are saying something should be done.

Sorry, I edited post after your reply
Just wanted to note that none of the suggestions involved a direct nerf to Phys damage… mainly ways to allow Heats and Energies to survive long enough to take advantage of Overheat and Energy Break

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Nice observations, @Yeet, but there are some slight aspects to be said about dmg heaters also.
Desert snake, altho a dmg oriented heat wepon, has neither the heat dmg to match its cost, neither the utility, cooldown dmg, and range to make it worth using.
Dessolation, even beein energy free, it heats up the user more then the target, the cost should be slightly lower then what it deals.
Magma, is a one shot wepon, and unless you have 2 of them, it is not that usefull.
3 magmas builds, aren’t that usefull anymore, since they so not pack enough dmg, nor enough heat dmg to effectivly work. They have been substituded by redocking and 2 magmas.
Supreme cannon, is decent, if used with other push wepons.
The real problem of heats is the lack of range 1-2 freemium wepons, that can push back. Because the rest of the wepons in heat lineup, all have starting range at 3.
The overall heat dmg that you deal, even with mass heaters, is not enough to neither overheat, nor to kill a decent 3 heat module setup, be it phis or energy.
So heat is the easiest to counter mech type in the game, because like @cousin_joe, and i also calculated in a diferent thread, by the time you achive even an overheat, you get killed by a phis, or utterly drained by an energy.
Heat gets also left behind, by the fact that, at 112 heat dmg(CL), that is with buffs, the 20%buff is easyly negated by the 20% cap and cooldown buff of the arena shop, thus you fall behind heat dmg.
A slight increase in heat dmg, on overall of the heat wepons is needed, with a 5-10 % explosive dmg on the freemium lineup like CL, Dawnblaze, Terrorblade, Sorow, Dessert snake, VR.
HB is basicly useless, it has been since the inception of it, because like also other have stated, it kills you a whole turn to deal 50 dmg, half a turn to fire it, and half a turn to cooldown.


El Metre makes a good point
I have updated my choices to add increase to explosive and heat damage… 5-10% sounds about right

This will make me happy.

but will nevr happen

I have a maxed myth Heat with absolutely no L+ items. Sucks but I didn’t know only idiots build heat mechs for first mech.

That said, even being an Epic max myth’d heat mech here is what makes me insane. I have no energy batteries but if I fight an electric he’s generally forced to stack Energy batteries and no heat. So, at least I can deso him for some damage. It’s not a lot but I can do some damage.

With Phys it’s flat out angering… Doing appx 750 to a phys before death is very common leaving them to do at least 900 damage to my next mech when it appears. Heat has got to be the most unbalanced mech at Epic. I mean the developers are totally failing the community in that aspect.

I had some hope with this hammer until I saw it costed energy. This item won’t be helping me so much since phys is still going to destroy me from range 2+ while I fail to overheat him just once before I die.

I really wish they would get someone who can look at this game from an Epic perspective and fix the imbalances in it.

Alright, we have gotten many voters and their input, thanks!
Now for the second part of the topic:
@bestplayerintheworld @Skiller-Legendary @Taco_Gamer @Kn0Tn0YT @lordgorgon @TheDoctor @purplehooter @kathdruth @Eaglelefty @24178
What is your reasoning and support behind your decision that nothing should be done to Mass Heat Mechs?

Remeber this is not a disregard or challenge of your opinion, the purpose of this is to see all sides, so I would appreciate that you all say your point, and be specific as possible.

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I wasn’t taged…

Why would I tag you? You voted to buff heat mechs, and your “Input” was shown in the following polls.