Thoughts on current meta?

What are your thoughts on the current meta? What are the strongest builds? What’s too strong? What’s too weak?

I’ll go first.

  1. Mech types

Physicals are by far the most common because most of their best items are available in epic form. They are, however, generally the weakest end-game type. They tend to be underrepresented in the top 10 despite being most common in the top 200 or so.

Energy mechs are less common because many of the best items are extremely hard to get. They tend to rely on multiples of legendary/mythical-only items, but are quite strong at the highest levels.

Heat mechs are about as common as energy near the top, and perhaps have the most potential (close between heat and energy). While they don’t need as many premium items, they rely on finding some very specific ones like Magma Blast, Reckoning and/or Abombination.

  1. Mech Builds

The best physical builds mostly rely on some combination of Nightfalls, Annihilations, Mercy and Void. R.I.C.O.'s is most likely the best current physical build (2 Nightfalls + Mercy), but others like Hamza’s, Katakuri’s, Rey Oscuro’s and Killymachine’s come close. Basically, every top physical build has at least one zero-cost weapon to help vs heat and energy mechs, and at least 1 Nightfall as to be competitive with other physicals.

The best energy builds rely on Bunker Shells, Ash Creators and Valiant Snipers. They focus on having enough drain to cripple energy-dependent mechs, but enough damage to go head to head with physical and heat mechs with zero-drain weapons. Examples of the best energy mechs are Rising’s 3 mechs and Toxic’s.

The strong heat mechs are high-damage, high HP, knock-back mechs with little or no need for energy. Set ups like Reckoning + 2 Magma Blasts make it almost impossible for physical mechs to go head to head, and use no energy and are therefore very troublesome for energy mechs. The current best mechs are LastOfTheWilds (Abomination + Magma Blast and 2400 HP) and GoAstros! (Reckoning + 2 Magma Blast), and are probably the best 1v1 mechs in the game right now.

  1. Too strong, too weak

The main balance issue right now is the gap between premium and non-premium weapons. It’s the reason so many people use physical mechs: they can actually get the items they need to be competitive. Heat mechs, on the other hand, have no chance at high levels without premium weapons that cover short ranges (Reckoning, Magma Blast, Abomination, Sorrow, Crimson Rapture).

The same is true for the mythical plates that everyone can’t stop talking about. The difference between 1800 and 2400 HP is huge too much to close.

I also believe that the strongest heat-damage weapons need a small change. Magma Blast, for example, does more damage than any physical weapon, knocks back and adds almost 100 heat. There is no physical set up that can compete with something like Abomination + 2 Magma Blasts; one simply cannot get a combination of enough HP and heat. Likewise, the fact that many of these other weapons (Reckoning, Desolation, Clash) require 0 energy is a bit much.

Finally, there are some items that are just obviously too weak. Someone just needs to do the math on these items and buff them. For example, there is no fight in which Bloodweep will be nearly as strong as Nightfall. It’s not even close. Void is head and shoulders above the other physical drones. Archimond and Interceptor are unequivocally bad compared to the other cores, and so on. Just a simple look at the stats shows these items need to be buffed.

Anyway, that’s about it. Curious as to your thoughts :slight_smile:


I’m playing in a lower level right now (~rank 13), but I’m having good success with a heat-based mech on ladder.

LOOK AT HP POINTS this is too weak

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well maybe because its a lovely lvl 1 myth?

so in ur mind it’s ok to destroy 5 legendaries and 100.000 GOLD and get -2 HP ???

Ok or not it’s worth it since you can get much more power from a level 50 mythical item compared to his legendary counterpart.
Also, your post here is offtopic, you should open a thread about it if you wanna discuss that stuff.

i agree with that but just one opinion lvl 1 Myth should have more hp (LEGS) then lvl 40 legend just my opinion

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My thoughts exactly. I started a second account since i wanted to a phys mech. Drop rates of annihilation have really dropped, so I dont have one on there. My (i think decent) energy mech still gets thumped by phys mechs.

Phys mechs are very good for the masses, kind of like where you should start. It would be your first competitive mech. The reason I went energy is I recieved a spinefall. That is it. My mech is super buff from 3 plus range, but i still need a bunker shell and ash creator. I realize that i have like zero chance of getting them. So i am stuck kind of. I wont drop $1k on tokens (why, this is a phone game) to play some roulette of parts. I would pay 20 bucks or a set amount of tokens to pick my part.

Really, for 500 bucks that is 33% of my mortgage, half a turbo upgrade for my car, or 2 months of my entertainment budget. I would rather pay off my house earlier, make my car faster, buy beer and go bowling or to the movies. These games are things we do when we are bored.

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use iron boots

beast hp

and what that says support?

Well, we’ve almost got one comment that’s relevant to the initial post… almost…

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I dont get it? He brought up a valid point. It is hard to have a good end game mech these days. The weapons that make a good energy or heat mech are unobtanium to a free to cheapish player. The “rebalancing” took the single good item (annihilation) away from the physical mechs too. Super cool. We will see a balancing again with those removed on the lower levels for sure. The top levels already have their parts. It is kind of one of those things where if you get in on the ground level (whenever this game was started) you are always have the parts, you could have been a free player 2 years ago, quit, then come back now and still have better weapons than someone has that drops a few hundred now.

that suport LOGIC…

at least - is, because devs are clearly without it.

PS Im sorry Blex :flushed:

agree …yeep