Thoughts from tracking my last 75 games

I was originally just trying to get a sense of what I should upgrade to mythical next (based on what kinds of mechs I was losing to) but ended up seeing a lot of other trends that I thought were interesting enough to share.

All games were played in the last 2 days and took place vs rank 1,2 and 3 opponents. I was generally somewhere in the middle of level 2.

Total Games: 75

Games vs energy: 16 (12/4 w/l)

Games vs physical: 43 (21/23 w/l)

Games vs heat: 15 (8/7 w/l)

(A few games were vs mechs with a split build, in which case I just categorized based on what they predominantly used.)

Okay, so one thing is clear right off the bat. There are a lot more physical mechs than heat or energy. I think this makes sense, not necessarily because physicals are “best”, but because they’re the only mech class that isn’t highly reliant on legendary/mythical-only items to get into the top ranks.

Building on the above, heat and energy mechs are a lot more variable. Energy mechs without premium items are generally pretty easy to take down, even with mediocre energy stats (I have 345 energy and 177 regen), unless they’re almost totally mythical and maxed. However, energy mechs that do have premium items were some of my most one-sided losses. Heat is similar. Heat mechs have no good non-legendary short range weapons, so many mechs are easily exploited. Playing vs a mech like LastOfTheWild’s, however, reminds me that even with maxed mythicals and a decent build, there’s still no chance vs premium items.

Some other small things that I hadn’t noticed the extent of:

-The randomness factor is really huge. It’s crazy playing vs the same mech several times in a night and intermittently losing/winning by 600+ HP on each side. I guess this is the most prevalent for physicals since heat and energy numbers don’t vary.

-Legacy shields are a rather ridiculous advantage vs physical mechs.

-Physical vs physical is incredibly boring and non-strategic. Besides standing in one spot, firing and hoping your weapons do 300 instead of 200, the only strategic move that (occasionally) works/matters is getting out of range so the turns play out in your favor.

Anyway, not sure how helpful that is to anyone else but I thought some of it was interesting :slight_smile:


Very helpful actually, I also track my matches. One thing though what kind of mech do you use? This would be very useful if you had all three types and posted match stats vs each type vs each type of mech. energy vs the three types, heat vs the three types and physical vs the three types.


I’m physical. This is my current mech:

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sometimes I use different types, and I have the impression that the selection of the opponent takes precedence over the same type statistics are not conducted but a subjective impression.