This Torso needs removed 😡


maybe because epic tier use the same sprite ?


the transform range and name say otherwise


Actually, I always fuse the epic MB I get to be sure I don’t confuse them, but it seems Swift don’t do it, neither check the item’s stat windiw…


I wish they made redeemer E-M


No. No. We have E-L torsos for a reason.


Then you must be blind.You can clearly see the difference in name and tier.
Therefore,don’t suggest the removal of an item just because of your incompetence.


E-L Legendary items = Myth Food


Sorry to be a jerk, and I know others can be… But if you can’t desipher what can go to legendary and what cant, youre hosed. Why would you boost that. Just pay the piper and roll.


they are placeholders for better items


It maxxed at epic. The entire point was that the metal booster looks like the golem, but it cant go to legendary. That is what he was getting at. Crappy? Yes. Does it make up for the fact you cant take it to legendary? No. I did it once, and I paid. Hashtag learningcurve


any item could be an OK placeholder depending on rank.


What do you mean by placeholder?


Like something us peasants dont get.


Lmao, of course REMOVE IT


i mean a temporary cant expect anyone to get roling beasts on the first prem boxOH.


If you mean to use the torso it has no use for me but legendary food for myth food. I’m working on making my annihilation myth and I accidently made this torso maxed epic instead of legendary.