This topic takes place in 2016

Hello guys I am a time traveler from the future, year 2045. On my time machine, it said that the year which I’m in right now is 2016.

I will not spoil any events from the future.

How’s Supermechs in 2016?


it sucks


Can you please tell me the name of your current planetary commander? Thanks.

This is very important.

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Barron Trump. After the third great war, America united the entire world once again under one ruler, the only man fit to rule not just one country but the entire Earth.

After an third war 2045 humans would’nt exist

You are confused a lot about times anyways …



it is 2018… :expressionless:

I just got god mode! That thing is op but sadly it has negative resistance :frowning:

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mejoro super mech ,hay un bug que da mas experiencia ,llegaste en el momento correcto

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