This topic is cursed dont check it is deadly ill use the dark power of potatoes to kill you you beatufl hors


first thought: wtf?
second thought: what about likes?
third thought: ahh I see it is in spam
Fourth thought: WTF
fifth thought: oh screw this
sixth thought: create this


Sooooo… we’re going to fight?


What kind of miracle disaster i went into?


Just get out. Before I consume you and turn you into a potato.


Go ahead.
I want to be potato as always.


But an ugly one. Awfully ugly.


I’m alredy ugly lol.


But you will become an uglier potato. And you will be stuck forever here in the Miracle Disaster. And you will become LeSbIaN






Ok then.

Trust me,you’re not the only one who can do this shts


Bye mate, I gotta go sleep :(

See you tommorow


K bye.

Laku noc.




i peek at what this side quest has to offer, and i find questionable horros beyond my wildest nightmares


Need a heat bomb to destroy all of these potatoes with their freedom