This took me too mother hecking long


Wut is my life


I maxed that recently as well


You know what is worse about that, even if you are a premium player you only get about 35 or more depending on ranking a day of the silver coins doing 5 arena battles.


do you even heat bro?


I am not a heater.
Thats only for IF I want to be a heater.


I also have the phys at 20%. And also heat damage and the explosive damage.

But frankly, I find it hard to see the difference. There are times when Magma hits 300, others that hits almost 500…

I thought that when I increase the heat dmg to 20% I could finally reheat someone, but I was wrong.


I find a big difference when the phys damage at+20%…I can tell because I get shredded faster then normal shred