This stuff will maybe be added :3 (MAYBE)

Tank Feet
Tank Feet


98 Kg
699 Hp
2 Walk distance

387 Pys dmg
19 Pys resist drain
2 Knockback

no stats :confused:

Trinergy (100% sure it will be added)
no stats :confused:

The Elephants Foot
The Elephant's Foot
Is not affected by knockback or pull
Unique ‘Crush’ finish move
Makes a cool sound effect when it makes a step
Extreme weight limits movement speed, resulting in longer walk animations and loss of mobility
Requires a torso with a wide leg track¹3 or with track extenders


@KilliN @Xzyckon pretty sure i have to credit them :3


I just think these will be added… don’t ask me why I think they’ll be added (AND DON’T ASK FOR TRINERGY) also i dont like turtles



Good thing you credited them :+1:


Sure thing, tho. Would be in pretty much trouble if I wouldn’t :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Pretty nice. Just one thing - this should probably be in the Ideas section :confused:

Otherwise nice work!

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But those aren’t my idea… you saw the credits?

The Tank feet seems to be a bit to light for it’s amount of hp ._. Only 98? Devouring paws so far is the lightest for the amount of hp I seen it give. 98 is WAY to light.

Eh, its still an ‘idea’ no matter who had it. Not a big deal, just wanted to point it out.

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Blame @KilliN for that ._. (20 chara)

No. I am not blaming ANYONE. I don’t want to be a jerk to everyone.

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The cannon feet is already in game, but players dont have acess.

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i want it those to be added

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