This slot of what is it?

During many and many battles I always see a slot but the charge is activated from the special skills slot so I do not know what it is for someone knows?

And changing the subject … there is a way to make the flag change in my name because I’m not a basileño and everyone suspects how I can write so well Spanish

I also have it, I think that slot is a scar from previous version … now I don´t remember if there were kits or shields …

Let’s see if someone can clarify us better …


This was probably slot for kits, shields were with special items


It was power kits. :smile_cat:

kits de vida, resistencia,etc…era molesto pelear con personas con kit de vida ,deven existir cuentas old que aun tienen y por eso no lo han eliminado…aunque eso es viejo

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ah entonces antes te podias curar la vida en batalla con jugadores online… mm algo divertido tambien me alegra de ver a alguien que hable español xD

this slot was for kits like repair🛠 , energy⚡…

there were repair, energy, cooling, bullet and rocket kits or missed I one ?

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You missed resistance kits :ok_hand:

resistance kits ? it increased one or all resistances ?

Both types were available. Phys/explo/elect resistance or multi resistance kit :slight_smile:

Lmao is there another player who remember campaign map looked like world map and missions where you were fighting vs 1 ai bot? And very rare legendaries withouth any myths? :smiley:

I remember the world map, but as far as I remember, I always saw myths (with the mythical list in the option menu ^^)

I also miss the “boxes” on the ground of the arena with differents effets, like resistances don’t apply on the mech, phys/elec/expl damage up by 30%, increased cooling or regen, etc… (was there a box who increase heat capacity or energy capacity ? I don’t remember…)

The slot was for kits.

I didn’t like bonus fields very much. They were unbalanced. Also I’m pretty sure that mythicals weren’t there always.

At one time there were multi-resistance kits. That is, with a single kit you increased electrical, physical and heat resistance.

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Kits in old version:


You are to keep things. Are good memories.

I dont keep anything … only memory. Sometimes I try to find some old pic and I don´t have it.

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It’s for Kits. Shields was with cheage, teleport and drone.