This should be illegal

lol I thought you stole my pic and stole 29 likes


nope, guess it’s happened atleast twice.


I think I opened between 5 and 10 Fortune Boxes and mostly get Epic or sometimes Rare.
I even got some of my best items from it (But not The EMP and The Claw I got from a Box by beating The EMP portal on Hard for the first time Though)




Ouch, got to love the gamble!


Gambilng is for 17+

I ain’t that reachin much.


I’m even more unfortunate :tired_face:


Boi I’m the most unfortunate, the Fortune Box did not give rares, not even commons, but it literally doesn’t want me to open the damn box. When I tapped it, it said “Error 404” then crashed. The Fortune Box did not appear in my unopened boxes.


Son…pls talk about that when you make topic about that.




This text will be blurred




Sorry, cannot make a topic about that.

Edit : I seck


That’s why it’s called “Fortune Box” … the “Fortune” is random and can be good or bad. Like the “fortune cookies”.

I got the 2 things from these boxes, legendary and common too.


Someone please tell me Im not the only person that clicks on the yellow light repeatedly thinking it will change my luck.


yah i think so it wold not be far if it did but thats how i got my seprah balde


I used to :joy::joy:

Now I just squint my eyes and repeat the word legendary in my head


Once I farted as the light hit legendary.

That must be the secret