This should be illegal



Next portal should be only FORTUNE BOXES

Has yet to happen to me…


Congratulations! You got an exceptionally rare event from a fortune box! Only one in around a hundred fortune boxes will yield those results.

Happy Supermechs Day!


Oje 1


calls the FBI Yeah? Can you get the maniac who did this Fortune Box with a common?



muhahahaha XD


… There’s the guy, I have found his location, it is X:1039482.4958


Calling the police…


In your face


Funny someone mentiond this… Finally got a fortune box… It dropped 2-3 commons -.-; HRRNNNG. Ugh, at least one dropped finaly though so I am glad for that. But yeah, there should be a minor change to what it gives you since it is so rare, otherwise it is no better then a silver box.


A fortune box should only contain purple and orange lights.


open the more fortunes gives more chances for a epic-legend item


I did not know that, so like the percentage drop ups the more you get? I will have to start trying to farm it then. Neat.


Fb’s should really be


This is false.
I got 46 fortune boxes in a lifetime and I mostly get rares and epics.


more like

fortune boxes should contain just orange lights


than get more @WMist253 ok


Hello is this 911?
No this is 119
Whatever can you get rid of commons in the fortune boxes PLEASE.


this is why im saying that the lest you could get from fortune chests should be rares


yay we are on the floor why are we on the floor