This salts my apples

Hi everybody, you probably don’t know me because I’m an old kongregate player, but I encourage you to read a bit more of this. :grin:

The Main Problem

I believe the biggest problem that ecompasses all other problems is simple, this game never changes. In league (as an example) there are new champions, new items, new stats and this changes frequently to keep the game fresh. I do not recall the last time there was an update in BattleDawn. I recently logged in for the first time in about a year, and nothing has changed. It takes 24 ticks to upgrade an outpost, it cost the same amount of energy to scan, units deal the same damage, spies work the same as well. Nothing has changed.

##Possible Solution
I’m not saying to change everything, but this should be such an easy thing to play around with. You could have 2 seasons every year and list what you change each time. Say things like:
“When people specialize in different chassis, they should be rewarded and hindered by their choice. That’s why were’re buffing the damage Infantry units do to Vehicles, Vehicle units do to Tanks, and making it so Tanks do more damage to Infantry.”
“Damage units don’t pack enough of a punch, so we’re buffing the amount of damage they do”
“Relocating a troll can be quite the hassle sometimes, so now after you have conquered a colony for 100 ticks, you may relocate him to any outpost with over 5 ticks of control”

2nd Problem

There is nothing to get hyped about

Possible Solution

There are no kinds of tournaments or ranking system to see who the best players are. If you don’t want to have another Championship Era, that’s fine, but at least try to replace it with something. Maybe have premade teams enter a tournament. These tournaments could be cage-matches, so only the people that entered the tournament are allowed to place. Could even casually stream a world map and areas of interest in the game. Most of us who have played BD for a long time, have won so many games that there are no reasons to get hyped for a normal round. It’s like an LCS player in league doing a normal game. You could even get crazy in these cage matches, something like 1 tick per minute.

Last Thing

I might not play this game any more because I’ve gotten sick of it, but I do love the idea of it. I truly hope this game stays around. I have one more specific thing I want to post, but I’ll do that in a new topic


I’m going to like this post primarily for the use of the phrase “salts my apples”.


That’s a nice phrase. I liked the post for the same reason


Jack Townley salts my apples


(With his bounty Hunters)


seriously though, who tf is jack townley??

This is a Battle Dawn thread. Why is there talk of Jack Townley?

Because Jack Townley is EVERYWHERE …

  • he is registered into 27459 forums

  • he has 2635 devices at home with internet access

  • he playes 36457 games

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