This need's to stop

Silver box…The price after buy 4 goes on 6.400 the most that cost me was some like 20.000 or even more and get only trash,not even rare


It’s a pain in the butt, and needs to be addressed.

Solution: Just grind campaigns. You signed up for the new feature, didn’t you? 6-3 (Overlord’s Den/Bigboy) is the fastest and most efficient

Its like a fuel system in campaign, everbuddy get same treat as per their lvl.
If devs make price steady, someone with lot of gold will buy more.

Devs learn from old system where user grind more campaign gets more items.
In old system - Specially at lvl 3 with super sonic you go boom in just matter of days. If you know how to do it.

And now ?? I farmed BigBoy and get only trash,at least 1 legendary per run on bigboy -_- ( ON INSANE)

I grind ramboy my mech is not ready for big boy. But ramboy seems work for all.
Legendary is totally premium item its really hard to get one. You wont get from mix box or free box. Only possible way is fortune box or spl event portals.

I get this item from League Chest Rank 10 (130 wins)
And i wonder if u can get Mythicals from that chest

No you wont get mythical it was old system.
Now we have to transforms each and every item to reach mythical form just like @goku.

that it’s a problem -_- at least have my old items

As free user just try to make one mech first.
I have phy mech. Many user at lvl 2 n 5 are using most common drop items.

Still i play this game for 5 years :slight_smile:


if they could ensure a rare after 10k and an epic after 20k it would worth the increasing cost