This needs explanations


Look at the diamond shell’s resistance ,how is that even possible


New Exploit


They said they have submitted the fix


He’s just too pro 5 u. Get rekt nub suck it up.


Thats easy, hacking. Today’s game is heaven for hackers


mmm still be easy for you to kill… why complaing? :rabbit:


The horses name was friday.


Because it doesnt matter if I can kill it or not. Why would we let hackers be among us?


I can help with cheat fixing.


because for more angry we can be, they still be there, they still be trying to get easy wins, easy fights or easy rewards… the most funny part is when “they” call you cheater…

but is right, we not want be with they in the same place when we try to play in the light and they are sooo deep in darkness…

my question was sarcastic, not trying to say “hey be hacker/cheater is good”… was trying to say: “hey he cheat but you can beat him in his own terms, so why give him attention?” :cold_sweat:


You either have to be bigger cheater, or to pay a lot of money to beat a cheater :slight_smile: :joy:


remember, now the game is pay to win… and i thing no need to be a bigger cheater, only a good player…


And to be a good player you need to pay money :joy::joy:


yep :blush: :speak_no_evil: