This needs explanations , NOW

This achievement were used to be a prenium pack just a week before , i even claimed one of these on another account , upon starting a new acc and check the achievement , i have this , what the hell is this ? WHY ?
further explanations

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You get a premoim pack , theyre lazy to just sinply edit the boz ro a pack.

V3ry fun, Techno.
I got damnful epic from this achievement.
I need explaination now too.

with the achievement I got a chest of 1 epic and a second chest of 5 epics

are people seriously complaining they upgraded it from a box to a pack but didnt update the image?

this is fluxeon’s legacy folks: a bunch of kids who don’t know why they’re angry at Tacticsoft they just know they are.

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But as i can remember, i got a premium box on this archievment, not a pack lel…

We shouldn’t complain about archievments, because just like sales and portals those things are here for only one propourse, to help the players. Also, seems they increased legendary and epic chances in boxes, i’m literally getting 1 legendary per day from mix boxes and over 10 epics, i’m upgrading my mechs really fast guys…

Let’s ask explanations for more important things, like ladder bugs that makes you unnable to move, or even the campaign ranking, wich keeps reseting and throwing our chances of getting fortune boxes out the window.

That’s just my opinion.


Yes, join our discord server and you will see…

how do we… I wanna get those legends :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: