This needed to be fixed

Was doing thngs casually after i spent all fuel on refueling , i started making legendaries to myth supreme cannon , when i pressed the fuse button with all the ingredients needed to max it , then comes the 4 epics slots evolve screen , the screen suddly start pop up the “reconnecting” message after i added the 4 needed epics to evolve it and pressed the evolve button , it returned but the evolve button is faded and cant be clicked and its stucks there , so i reloaded the game, returning to the fusing screen , i noticed that all my parts that is used to evolve is gone , im fine with it since i have hundreds of heat bams to spare , but imagine this :

  • You worked hard for all your legendaries and maxing a specific item only to get all your proggress dumped into the trash bin as the legendaries dissapeared into thin air from that “reconnecting bug”

This rarely happens but still , it needs to be fixed



That happened to me almost all the time, Thus the pc had to be repaired more than three times now