This, my Boi, is a bug

What the hecc

I just quit from 1 battle to get out since I have already done this, but what the hecc happened to my HP?

It’s probably visual bug?

Nope, it’s legit HP drain.

Send this to @Sarah247 about this…
She will probably fix it.

For proof, it happens

Just send this to @Sarah247
She will fix it.

Ok I did.


Now clicc sloved at me soo i can be a dik

Yeah yeah yeah did this before shattap.

that’s why Jerry is angery.
Enjoy life.

I think @Transcendant already made a topic about this…or maybe it was someone else

That someone is me.

Geez @The_Yo_Yo_Man @cyanine

This is not a damn bug. This is failsafe to prevent cheaters like you, who quit matches, by taking your HP away.

If it does happen to be a bug, It’s a damn good one

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Nah, I didn’t do it on purpose, my mouse is loose, it doesn’t respond to my clicks 60% of the time, it almost made me lose in arena too, it lost click when I was about to click the attack button, then it loses touch, then clicks Move away.

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Now I have to manually delete letters instead of copying them then cut ;-;

When you refresh the game does your HP come back? Also are you playing on the latest version of the game? We had a bug like this a few releases ago but it has since been fixed.


Nope, it just stays there, legit. wait let me do it again but with a weaker mech

Ok now I did it again but with a weaker physical mech

Send me your ID number and I will sign into your account to take a look.


Ok it’s 20480938.

Looks full to me!

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