This might make phys mechs cry


#See that desert fury, very right?

#Now check this out…


dont ever fight me in ladder , i hate that drone


I hate you too :joy: :joy: :joy:

jk jk lol


this is a complete sentence


Interceptor torso is bad


Ele version is better


I have one, but i am making a sweet phys set up too. Got 2 anniahlations, just found a legendary avenger. Im good. I dont have solid energy weapons aside from a spine fall. But this guy will be good. It will hurt the heat guys, but that top left gold border is about to be merged on a heat unit.


Remove the terror cry , its not good with your base mech


it’s good that it was not a magma blast if I did not kill you xD


Umm…why did you do that …:weary::expressionless:



I’m an energy mech, don’t care for powerful items if they’re not energy

Valiant Sniper is what I want


I want a magma blast and it has never come out so we both have an equal personal challenge but of a different kind


1v1 me, mate


What is your mech I never saw an image of your mech? :confused: