This might get taken down but YOLO

Who the heck deserves a thousand years of suspension, I know this’ll get taken down and I should just mind my own business but still, Who deserves this


Who deserves this?

Well, clearly the person who received it.


Still though, I don’t think anyone deserves a Thousand years

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Once I got banned for 99000+ years by saying hi to a mod 9n a diff forum

I got suspended for making good points whilst arguing with Elcent… Suspended as toxic user…
I was pissed off that I had been suspended for two weeks for saying ‘gay af’ whilst Adash got away with the act of bullying Destoyer (Transphobia?)… And I still haven’t been told what the suspension before this one was…
C’mon Cent, I was making good points and stating how the rules are stupid, unfair and overly strict…
Same with Sumerian, he pulled me into conflict. Who gets in shit for conflict? ME!
Also, that’s an IP ban…

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I mean 100 years would probably have done it, I guess its so him and all his bloodline shall be bannished.


You forgot that you had 5+ previous bans all spread across like 3 alts. If maybe you hadn’t tried to bypass the ban every single time, you might’ve gotten off the hook. But instead you made tons of useless alts and continued to annoy people.

Why even argue with the mods they clearly don’t know how to run a forum properly.

It’s really smart banning half of your forum “userbase” of maybe like 15 people max, lmao.

Nah, this guy deserved it. He was a total ass.

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Yea I’ve read some of his posts