This might be a stupid question

So, I know this topic for what torso I should use is there, but I have a hard decision. Some of you might say go for windigo.
Some of you might say sith.
As some of you may know, I am making my second mech an energy based mech. I know many people say that windigo works well with energy, heat, and physical mechs. But… sith itself is an energy torso. I don’t have a spare zakares at the moment… so don’t go ahead and say all that sh’t into my face.

Choose your weapon setup first.
Then the torso.
Then the modules.
Any torso works (looks at his physical Sith build).

There are 2 main energy torsos which are GrimReaper and Naga. GrimReaper has more energy power overall but Naga has slightly more HP. Other players also use Zarkares for it’s HP and heat then stack plates and energy engines into it. Any other work too but they don’t help your energy cause.

So GrimReaper or Naga and maybe others. I chose GrimReaper

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Well these items are going to take me forever to find.
Valiant Sniper.
Ash Creator.
2 Bunker Shells.
2 Energy Engines.
1 Energy Boost.
1 Platinum plate.
2 Heat engines.
2 Heat Boosters

Well I guess I could use GrimReaper.
Ok Bye Bye Sith. WIndigo your going to be my second physical build torso

Have you seen my Zarkares electrician?
Windigo works just fine with that f2p setup.

I’d say grim reaper and naga are pretty good choices for an energy mech but I’d personally go with grim reaper for my energy mech.

Wait till you see this.
Knot,I’ll be back.
Allow me to take some screenshots.

He said he doesn’t have zarkares at the moment.

But I guess If I can’t find it, I will use Windigo. Until then
Gotta find rare or epic or even better, legendary grim reaper

Yea I’d stick to grim reaper you could use sith but I’d do grim reaper.

50 AM

Here is my mech and stats. Modules not fully done

Bet you Lake lol

If you have a rare or an epic grim reaper just level it up to mystic.

I do like it… but energy mechs have to use so many premium items to move anywhere… I have been having the worst luck in this game so far.

Wait, are you in the same clan as Yeet I’ve seen you in the game before.

Yes I am lol

Best option: Last words, Malice Beam, Hysteria. and mix it up

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Wouldn’t that be a mass drainage type of build?
I do have face shocker too you know…
Maybe I could use my old energy build?
Lightning Supporters
Malice Beam
Last Words
Face Shocker
Grim Cobra

Read twice before commenting pointlessly.
I said Windigo works just fine and I also told him to wait till I take a couple screenshots.

You think I don’t know how to read (compared to “others”)?

No, I know you know how to read I thought you were telling him to switch to Zakares. Yes you using Zarkeras as an energy is a smart idea. However I’d use it with what it’s best for heat.