This is why we need the SHOP back


The reason we need the Shop back where you pic what you want to buy is because of the pics below:

Catch my drift. I have almost 50 or more of each module item. I keep getting things I don’t need from the random boxes. It be better to choose what to get.


I agree,


It ain’t gonna happen… :frowning:


fuse them… is power… if you dont need it, gift it to make my bunneh’s stronger P_P


he says he have over 9000 of this trash, it will take a months of nonstop fusing to fuse them all


It has been said many times, color kits and store will be returned in future updates.


months… really? will take 60 mins to fuse 9000 items… :rabbit2: it takes 10 secs select and fuse 25 items…

9000 (items) / 25 (per screen) = 360 screens
( 360*10 {secs} ) / 60 {secs on one min} = 60 mins

and if you make counts, that guy is wasting power, at least have this power=

1 item of 150 power
9000 x 150 = 1,350,000 pwr…

mean 2 maxed items at least…
so keep those items on inventory is just… nonsense…:rabbit:


Impressive :neutral_face:


gj not understanding very roughtly defined time, as well as meaning of “over 9000”…
your math cotains several errors, too

  1. one screeen have 20 items, not 25
  2. 10 seconds per screen (which should be close to truth) would be mindlessly sacrifiging every single item. Except nobody sane does that - you need to leave several of every item for future mech consttuction, well, unless you are not planning to use ANY common or rare items. So, need to check how much of that trash you still have. Consider this in calculations, too.
  3. one item is not 150 power, unless its level 30 non-module. Instead, try counting all game level 15-30 items and their average power, then insert THAT npower value here.

on the other hand, you are right about very fact of large amount of not used power. But it will take terrifying amount of monotonous, boring work to put that power into items - which is not appreciated from a game (aka something where fun is experted, not boring work). What OP would probably use is measures of dispatching of unneeded items more quickly


150 is an estimated between the low item power and the high item power, taking power kits too, so if the lowest is 35-40 and the higest is 1200, the media of 9000+ item is 150 power… second is just a game, if you want be 100% exact with numbers, well, take each item power, waste your time finding each non bugged power of every item in his inventory, plus them and get the middle of it.

seshh P_P

and is clear than all those 9000+ items are garbage for him, so be “mindelessly” is not part of the deal…


So they are adding back shop??


I have been using modules to fuse. I’m not wasting them. Using them carefully for certain items.


Restored "soon"
The key word is “soon”


Im surprised u of all people hasnt finished the “boost 1000 items” mission.


Are you replying that to me, Dead Inside? If so, I finshed the 1000 Achievement quest more than a month ago.


Will U.S.A. happen to have a female president by that time too? :smirk:


The USA will have a female president soon


Doubt it will ever happen…


That’s pretty much been proven already. :relieved: