This is WHY fusion costs needs to be removed

I have 50 of these and yet, just fusing 5 of these costs already 54k!


Power kits (and color kits) should not really take up inventory slots either.

They are supposed to be “bonus items”, yet they give no advantage over a regular item.


:grinning::grinning:[quote=“Fluxeon, post:2, topic:6077”]
Power kits (and color kits) should not really take up inventory slots either.


Guess what Fluxeon’s response to Donald Trump’s nuclear attack against Kim Dong Un’s korean regime would be…
“This is why I keep telling them, fusion costs should be removed and power kits hould not take up inventory… but they would not listen…”

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What I would give for 50 of those powerkits…
cursed with too much SM and no power/fodder items :confused:

Okay, let’s talk price!

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Sure bud :3
20 charc

i agree using credits for upgrading is really stupid but I sorta understand why they do this so it doesn’t create lag. but why not just do it when you upgrade the item to it’s next rank? instead of having it cost for both upgrading rank and level. that’s how i’d like to have it.

we need money for fusion it is not a good thing ,thats why we cant use our old acc. and need to make new one.many player stopped paying supermechs because al of this

According to my recent gameplay experience , getting yourself about 60000 credits would probably takes you about 15 minutes if you have a proper mech in the first place , for me im used to this and its pretty balanced

Well, put yourself in a situation where your inventory is full. You need to fuse, but your only way to get money also fills you up with boxes

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since you are clearly paying to get that many parts and have no actual skill, its no wonder this became a problem for you.
why not just buy more gold? keep paying these lazy devs to occasionaly give us an update that just makes the game worse. because apparently our biggest problem is those darn fusion costs…

I’m pretty sure having those power kits means he was a legacy player and converted old items to them… those aren’t bought items.

My own opinion is that those legacy power kits should give gold-free upgrade but leave the normal fusion costs as is. That way legacy players are less screwed.

Doubt they will do anything though as people have been asking about this for half a year.

ok…so he bought stuff in legacy, still a no-skill wallet warrior. my items just gave me like 3 epic power kits…

Fusion costs really just disappear if you keep on farming. It’s pretty easy.

Unless if you have thousands of them in your inventory like some.
Honestly, I think the problem isnt fusion costs, but instead the fact that power units take up inventory space.

Its interesting how you never considered that those power units are from legacy converter and he did not pay anything

Yea, except he was a top player when there was no inventory, probaby had many mythcials from all the years he paid, you assuming he paid and being all pretentious is doing nothing but making the forum worse

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