This is what would happen if weight was increased / removed

I bet none of the noobs realize that if the weight was increased to any level (even 1,001kg max) or completely removed you would most likely face things like this in the Arena:

Note: Even if I took the photo from someone and it’s most likely an old photo, it still gives you an example of what would Supermechs Arena become.

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That guy was banned u wont be seeing mechs like that anymore kiddo

The topic is about what would happen if weight limit was increased / removed. I know that the person above has been banned, but still, that’s not the point of this topic.

The point is that they wont increase it like that lol or else itd be another ZION problem if they did wed all be screwed

While veteran players like you realize what’s the problem about the newbies don’t. Thus I created this topic to make newbies realize what would happen.

Knowing how none of them will spot this topic at all, but who cares :confused:

Only us veteran players view topics much cause we get bored

Yes… 16 August 2017, a very old photo indeed.


Look at the date, and time.
It was taken yesterday.

weight limit is good, it helps us be creative…not just slap wepons like idiots just cause we have slots.
Also it creates strategy, close range, mid range, far range.
I know we all want wepons to have them at any range… but without weight limit… well the starting possition of the fight, will be the end position of the fight.
Plus even a slight increase of weight would unbalance alot of things. Because the posibility to counter certain builds, is based on the fact that they cant shoot at certain ranges.
Imagine a 690 HP dymond, with 6 wepons on it, hook,charge,teleport… can it be taken out… slim chances.
Weight is the most important balancing factor of the game, it’s the most important mechanic of the game.
Keep it as it is, don’t fack this one up too.

there is still cheat engine to cheat the weight and add anything dummie