This is the builds I'm working on


This is my main mech

Stuffs are Zarkares, Malice Beam, Last Words, Bulldog, Hysteria, Snack, Advanced teleport, Shocking Grappling hook, and Charge (This photo was taken late before i added the charge, it’s now 999 kg)

And the energy build I’m working on (I completely trashed the idea of a physical mech, there’s alot of Smurf’s I want to take down)

, The guff in this mech are Naga, 2 Last Words, EMP, Grim Cobra, Hysteria, The Claw, Teleport, Iron Grappling hook, and Windforge any ideas or suggestions?

Edit : The Google Acc used in both photos are not mine, the acc is my brother’s since I’m too lazy to switch accs.


both have low ele and heat cap


First mech is supposed to take down physical mechs, 2nd is too drain energies, and it’s low cap becuase you can clearly see they’re still legendary yet, don’t go instant myth on me now.


The ele with zark looks like my old mech