This is the biggest scam wtf

I spent TWENTY TIMES more upgrading those 3 mythicals…

Heres my idea on this.

Persay you have a mythical … brightroar (its bad lmao ) at level 50.

If you make a new mythical ,you can fuse ALL 50 levels in the mythical for the price of 500K (the price needed to max an myth)

Basically for short : You have a bad myth item fully fused , and you make a myth item you need , you can fuse the bad myth into your new one and max it for the price needed.


Lol if you say this is a scam then don’t rush maxing bad items in the first place…It’s more of a self-inflicted scam to be honest…

The idea ain’t half bad,but I just don’t see the practical meaning on it…Just be careful before you max anything and look for their stats before upgrading them.Makes no difference to me anyways,as I only use commons/rares for fusing and sometimes epics when I wanna speed things up.


This is not entirely true what you say, @L4K3. If you were 100% true, I would not end up with 8 maxxed mythicals gathering dust in my workshop… Interceptor was nerfed to crap, and other physical items I simply deemed useless… And I would gladly fuse them away as @TechnoDive suggested. But hey, wasn’t it the way fusing worked in the previous iteration of SM? You had some crappy maxxed item, you landed a good item, two clicks and voilla! you had a good item maxxed… No cost, no worry, pure satisfaction… Goood old times…


Well,I can’t help but agree with you :slight_smile:
A maxed mythical doesn’t provide as much fusion power as it did,however I think it wouldn’t really make such a significant difference if it was to max it instantly (and with one maxed item alone).Perhaps some extra farming runs…

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I actually think this is a really nice idea. It makes sense that sacrificing a fully fused mythical should count for a lot of upgrade points. For me personally when i started I maxed out a Brutality which isn’t the worst but now I wish I had done a windigo or zarkares instead… at high levels seeing that every point counts a ton, that brutality is just going to collect dust.

However I don’t see them ever changing anything to allow easier leveling of items. There is no benefit to tacticsoft to make a change like this.