This is... thanks to L4K3


So… thanks to @L4K3 I guess I was… a bit off on not being myself. Its not usually like me to just give up like this. So, thanks for L4K3 on helping me realize that its better for me to just be myself.


Thank YOU for being with us.

I barely even did anything…
All you needed was a little push to give you the power to overcome your temporary state (and that’s okay as we all go through these so it’s more than understandable).
You see…I don’t really know how to react…
Thank you so much for believing in me and most improtantly,for believing in yourself.
I’m grateful…and literally honoured because you took me like that and…Uhm…
I hope I’ll keep living to your expectations :slight_smile:

Damn you anxiety,why do you have to show up exactly when some of my friends posts something like this!?