This is probably the dumbest setup I've ever made


It can be pretty good though?

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Can be good when you play it right, And also, Nice color scheme

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Upgrade dem engines pls

Dumb indeed. Could be ok tho, you abviously aint gonna line it up vs electricians. Switch the elec protector for another heat engine and you have a good anti phys anti heat.


Trust me,an electric protector on this build (with this much energy) is about as useful as a bike with one pedal…
Btwmelectric damage negates resistance,so that’s also another story…
The heat is average but okay (balanced builds use just 2 engines,specialized ones use up to 4).
The phys resist won’t be all that useful either…It would have around just as much as another plate,but it covers space he could use to put another engine or idk,that would help overall,not just against phys.

Yeah i know… i was going to recommend taking off the blue res and add another heat engine for it to be a counter phys and heat but then I felt like I was ruining the joke so I didn’t…

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