This is not the update we were promised, but a new game altogether

It’s true that every new change or update is bound to rock the boat, but in this case I think that the majority of complaints being made are justified. During the beta I was happy overall with the changes being proposed, however i had some concerns, regarding the transition process; case in point:

I’ve been looking forward to the new version of the game since the beta was announced, so much so that I lost interest in the previous iteration. Now that the update’s been rolled out, I kind of feel betrayed by the developers. This doesn’t feel like a transition at all, but a purge. All the time and money I’ve invested on Super Mechs to date have gone down the crapper and this is why:

  • It’s a slap to the face when your entire inventory is worth 90% less than it was yesterday. Sure, i can use the crapload of items i’ve amassed to boost new items, but hey - it took considerably more time and resources to max out my previous builds than what i’m getting now.

  • Depreciation. Picture this “Yey i finally boosted this item all the way to myth status!” 2 minutes later “hang on, this myth sucks, let’s use to boost another item”…“wtf…where did all that boost go?!” Down the toilet, that’s where.

  • Another big F-you from the devs was when I realised that my “legacy” items couldn’t be used to transform new items. No, I have to grind/pay for new items to sacrifice.

  • The cost of boosting. Let’s be realistic, this was high in the beta, and it’s way too high now.

  • The whole upgrade your common item to a myth thing is a lie. There are several items that can’t reach myth level, and yet others that start out as legendaries (so you’ll only ever get them by buying tokens)

  • But YES! we have color kits again! NO! white costs 100 tokens for each damn kit.

Ok, rant over. time to seriously think wtf I’m doing still playing this game…oh yeah, I know why - i got suckered into buying a crapload of tokens during beta which will run out in a few hours and leave me with a mech that’ll be obsolete by the end of the week.


I don’t think the developers understand the passion players have for their game


Tin can nailed it. I can only hope for a mass exodus from this game. Players that were nobody yesterday are in first now. This is a whole new game. Our time money and effort exerted in previous version have been stolen. There is no other way to phrase what has happened.


White glove thieves. When business gets above the ethics.

When behind each player, they don´t see a human being, but a totally depersonalized “client”. But even as a customer, they are not respecting you.


Tsoft was just funded by a venture Capitol group within the last year . Maybe the complaints ought to go the investors to have any impact.

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Something to add to the list of gripes - If this was really meant to be a transition to the new system, and not a purge of the current player base - why not let us use the legacy items to transform? I have scores of legacy myths which I’ve been busy using for boost, BUT i can’t use them transform to the next level. I have to sacrifice 5 current legendaries and god knows how any myths to boost a single one of the new myths.

That’s what I read. It´s posted on the web … something like they received a donation of 1 million dollars.

Truthfully, it costs a bit to believe that someone would donate $ 1 million to a little-known game, unless you have some interest in the game.

We should find out a bit more about the matter. I don´t think it’s a “donation” for the pretty face they have. You believe that someone who has 1 million dollars to give, it would give to a Co. with profit? This is not a work of charity.

I agree wepa they screwed up this game and now many people are retired the admins must be stopped and bring back the old sm or else we all leave in my opinion


If I leave too it will be truly the end of SM, I’m persistent about this game :confused: :stuck_out_tongue: Why am I still here? I dunno honestly ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Amen brutha i used to lvoe this game man it has my legacy but now its trash


Cant Agree more zilla it self destructed